Welcome to Sienna Ranch School Year Programs

Welcome to our 2023-24 school year!

 Please review all topics below prior to the start of program. 

If you are unsure which class you enrolled in, sign into your account online to see your purchase history.

Contacting Us:

Office Number: (925) 283-6311

Email Julie the Business Director: admin@siennaranch.net

Please review each of the following topics prior to the start of program:

Session Dates


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Class Rules

Every Ranch program has the same set of expectations for all participants. These are explained in circle on the first day. We request that families review these expectations before the first day of program:
  1. Stay with the group
    • You should be able to see and hear your instructor, and your instructor should be able to see and hear you, without shouting.
  2. Wait at the gates
    • Wait at the gate until your instructor is there to open it.
    • If a gate is open, still stop and wait at it. 
  3. Respect
      1. Respect People
          • Listen to instructors and peers when they are speaking
          • Use kind words
          • Keep hands to yourself
          • Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze
          • Only share food served by the instructor 
    1. Respect Animals
        • Use a calm voice and walking feet
        • Approach animals as you are taught by your instructor
        • Only feed an animal with permission from an instructor
    2. Respect Earth
        • Keep all personal litter in your backpack or lunch bag
        • Ask permission before picking a plant
        • Be gentle with ranch structures (do not force gates, climb on fences, etc.)
  4. Have fun!  
      • Come prepared so you can have fun! This means dress for the weather, bring food and water.
      • Listen to your body so you can have fun!  Use the bathroom, drink plenty of water. 
      • Ask your instructor if you are unsure of a rule or feeling uncomfortable so we can help you have a great day!

Behavioral Accountability

If your child cannot follow these rules, the following is our system of consequences:

  1. Gentle Verbal Reminder
  2. Verbal Warning
  3. Time to think away from group for 1-4 minutes
  4. Time to think in the Office for 10-15 min with supervision
  5. Parents called to pick up student and behavior contract developed to outline expectations for continuation in Sienna Ranch Programming.

 If there is anything you can share with us about your child that will help us be better prepared to help them have a successful ranch experience, please let us know. 

Parent Communication

Parent/Guardian Reports and Calling Home
A parent/guardian report is a means for instructors to communicate significant first aid, behavioral or emotional incidents. You will receive them either via email before the end of the day.
If there is an emergency or something that we need you to know about immediately we will always call you using the phone numbers on your family’s account.
Speaking with the Office or your Child’s Instructor

If parents wish to speak with instructors please:

  1. Contact Admin requesting to speak with the instructor and provide reason for request.
  2. Admin will arrange meetings between staff and parents either at social distance or by phone call.

Absences, Make Ups, and Missed Days

We do not offer make ups for missed classes during a session. We are unable to schedule makes-ups or refunds for missed classes. We will notify you via email in the event of a cancellation. 

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Allergies and Special Concerns

In order to best support your child, we need to know about:
We collected basic health history during your initial registration. If you have any extra information you’ve not yet told us, please email the office at admin@siennaranch.net.


We take prevention of lice transmission seriously. If your child has an active case of head lice, please treat it before attending the Ranch. We may send untreated children home. 

We strongly encourage bringing your own horse back riding helmet (different from a bicycle helmet). 

Our riding program follows industry best practices as recommended by the EPA with regard to sharing helmets. Feel free to ask us for more information, or you can read more about lice, transmission and helmet sharing in the following places. 

Our riding program follows industry best practices as recommended by the EPA with regard to sharing helmets. You can read more about lice, transmission and helmet sharing in the following places.

*Head Lice and Helmets

*About Lice and Their Control (EPA)

*Head Lice FAQ’s (CDC)


Ticks, including Deer Ticks, do naturally exist year-round in the grasses of the oak savannah habitat that cover the Sienna Ranch property. They live here as part of the natural habitat and are an important part of the healthy local food chain.

We encourage you to check for ticks after attending a Sienna Ranch class.  If you find a tick, gently remove with tweezers and then clean the area with soap and water.  Consult your physician if you wish to have the tick tested for Lyme Disease.

If a Sienna Ranch Instructor removes an attached tick during program, we will send the tick home in a baggie with your child so you may have it tested if you wish. You can find more info about ticks by reading our Tick Info Sheet

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What to Bring

  • CLOSED TOED SHOES: Please make sure you wear closed toed sturdy shoes for outdoor play and animal visits. No Crocs or rubber covered shoes. 
  • FOOD: Everyone should have at least a snack– pack a hiking-friendly lunch too if you are here for a morning program. We do not provide food, please pack enough food for your camper.
  • WATER: A refillable water bottle labeled with your camper’s name
  • WARM LAYERS / SUN PROTECTION: We run program rain or shine and ask that students are ready to be outside the whole class. Check the weather report each morning and dress accordingly.
  • BACKPACK: A simple day-pack works great and allows for hands-free hiking
  • RANCH-FRIENDLY CLOTHES: We play in the mud, climb trees, make messy art and get dirty!

Do Not Bring to the Ranch

  • TOYS
  • ELECTRONICS including phones
  • ANYTHING THAT CREATES MICRO-TRASH like straw-wrappers, stickers, or excessive food packaging

Horse Class and Riding Info

The Horse Safe Footwear Information that was sent to you in your confirmation email can also be found here. 

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure

Sent in your reminder email

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Pickup / Late Fees

When picking up your child, please arrive within the pick-up window

Late Pickup Policy: 

Minutes Late (after posted end time) SR Action Fee
1-5 none none
 6-15 Call contact number.  $10 / driver
16+ call again $1 / min late

Extended care is not available. We rely on on-time parents to make sure program runs smoothly.

Lost and Found

Please be sure to label ALL of your child’s belongings. Lost and Found is collected whenever we find it, and placed in the plastic chest in the Family Waiting Area outside the Green Yurt. Unclaimed items will be donated, made available in our seasonal clothing swaps, or added to our Used Gear For Donations Scholarship Fundraiser.
 Note:  If your child has borrowed any layers from the Lost and Found, no problem!  Please wash and return items the next week so they can try to find their owners who may be missing them. 

Enrollment in Future Sessions

We would love to have you join us for the year!  All Sessions for the school year are now open. Sign up for our email newsletter to be the first to know about new programs and upcoming enrollment!

Want updates on other programs happening at the ranch?

Otherwise, feel free to email us with any questions you have about program.

Special Program Notes: Ranch Play

Infant siblings may attend Ranch Play with big brother/sister at no additional charge if able to be worn calmly by the caretaker the full duration of the class.

Each student should have one adult attend class with him/her.  If you have extra adults you’d like to invite to see our program, please schedule a tour ahead with the office.

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Order a T-Shirt from the Ranch Store

Want to sport a Sienna Ranch t-shirt, hat, sticker or pencil?  Use the online ranch store. Place your order before 9am on the second-to-last day of camp, and it will be ready at pick up time on the final day of camp.

Submit an order to the Sienna Ranch Online Store

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School Year & Holiday Camp Refund, Transfer and Credit Policy

Camp or class refund, transfer, or credit requests must be made in writing to admin@siennaranch.net. All requests must be made within 6 months after the program’s start date. Voicemail messages cannot be considered as official transfer or refund requests. Voicemail messages cannot be considered as official transfer or refund requests.

Refund: Receiving cash, check or credit card reimbursement for programming paid for out-of-pocket. Charter school funds cannot be turned into cash, check or credit card refunds. All credit card refunds are subject to a 5% processing fee which the credit card and registration company charge us.

Transfer: Moving tuition monies within the Sienna Ranch registration system directly to programming in a different date range (different week of camp or different session of the school year) for the same child.

Credit: Releasing tuition monies from a specific class/camp/program and applying them to a family’s general account. Sienna Ranch credit never expires and can be used by any member of the immediate family for any Sienna Ranch program including camps, classes, special events, or store items. Credit cannot be turned into cash, check or credit card reimbursement. Charter School Funds may not be turned into credit, as they are only valid for the exact session & class listed on the PO/voucher.

Email received  Credit Card Refund  Transfer Session/Camps  SR Credit
1+ month prior 5% credit card processing fee no fee no fee
2-4 weeks prior 15% fee per program 15% fee per program 15% fee per program
1-2 weeks prior not available 15% fee per program 15% fee per program
less than 1 week not available not available not available

* ‘Time until the start of class/program’ is counted from the start time of the first day of the session.

* AM & PM camps are separate programs and incur separate fees for cancellations or transfers.

* Credit and Transfer are available for use between immediate family members only.

* We will do our best to honor all transfer requests but cannot guarantee space availability due to the first-come, first-served nature of our programming.

*Please note that ALL credit card refunds are subject to a 5% processing fee.

**With one or more week’s notice, one-day programs like Try-It Archery, Private Archery and Try-It Riding Lessons may be transferred to a different date within the same school year.  These programs do not qualify for refunds or credits. For Family Day refund/transfer requests, please read more here.

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