Teen Programs 7th-9th Grade

2023-2024 Class Information

Sessions 1-4  Registration will open to the public Thursday May 18th at 11:30am

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2023-24 School Year Dates

2023-2024 School Year Dates

Registration Tips

Registration Tips and Tricks

Registration Tips and Tricks

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School Year Teen Programs

Nature Sages

Nature Sages 

Sienna Ranch’s Nature Sages Teen Program is designed to deepen each student’s connection with nature while building an individual sense of self and purpose. Through hands-on creative projects we will build skills related to survival, nature connection, homesteading, and ancient arts. By fostering an awareness of the outside world, we will build connections to our inner experience through personal reflection and group activities. Nature Sages will have the opportunity to grow as leaders as they work together as a team.   Hiking, team building activities, and animal interactions/care will be regular aspects of the program as well. Each session has a theme and all activities align with seasonal and ecological changes on the ranch and our surrounding natural landscape. Nature Sages is open to all levels of experience. Whether you have grown up at Sienna Ranch or you are joining us for the very first time- everyone is welcome!

Students in the program are:

  • Able to hike minimum two miles
  • Able to sit and participate in group discussions
  • Able to focus on a project for up to an hour
  • Excited to challenge themselves in new ways
  • Willing to work hard on projects that benefit the Ranch community
  • Ready to be outside in all weather conditions and get dirty

See Class List for times and prices.

Trail Ramblers

Trail Ramblers 

Trail Ramblers  is our companion program to our Nature Programs that focuses on building confidence and independence through active hiking, team building games and activities, and animal interactions.  This high energy class is designed for participants that need to burn off energy and get outside. Students will enjoy playing games, exploring the hills and trails of Sienna Ranch, and experiencing hands-on skills like shelter building and compasses. We will go out in all weather conditions. Since we will be spending a lot of time in Briones please come prepared and on time for this class.Students in this program are:

  • Able to follow verbal directions in an outdoor environment
  • Up for hiking minimum 2 miles/1.5 hours minutes with a full backpack
  • Willing to participate in group games and active play activities
  • Ready to be outside in all weather conditions and get dirty

See Class List for times and prices.

Summer Teen Programs

Equine Apprentice Program 2023

Equine Apprentice Program 2023

AGES: 13-16 
PRICE: $386 per session- 5 weeks
CLASS TIME: Saturdays 1pm-4pm
Session 4: 5 Classes- Saturday April 15th-Saturday May 20th. No Class Saturday May 6th
Training Meet and Greet during the week of May 23-26 after 3pm. Exact day TBD.

APPLY NOW HERE- Program Full

Does your student love horses and wants to build a deeper connection? The Sienna Ranch Equine Apprenticeship program is focused on developing your students skills in horsemanship, equine health, and a deeper emotional connection with animals. Whether a first time horse enthusiast or a seasoned animal lover, students will build a basic foundation for horse handling and husbandry in order to assist with our summer horse camp program.

Apprentices in this program complete classes that will combine equine and goat handling instruction. Apprentices will learn animal husbandry, diets, enclosure setups, and care protocols for the animals we care for at Sienna Ranch.

After completing the training class, students will participate in a minimum of 2 weeks of onsite Apprenticeship for the Sienna Ranch Equine Adventure Summer Camps. Students will learn how to properly care for the horses at the ranch by learning stall cleaning, nutrition, care, and behavior. Special focus will be on leading, grooming, and tacking horses for children, as well as learning how to walk goats.

NOTE: Students must apply for the apprenticeship program. Returning apprentices from previous summers do not need to apply and can email admin@siennaranch.com to request a spot for the class and/or Summer Camp.

This program is  an incredibly valuable learning experience. A strong commitment is required for this program. Apprentices will be required to attend all classes during the session, the one day meet and greet in May (Day and Time TBD) to meet the instructors, and a minimum of 2 summer camp weeks (Monday-Friday 8:45-3pm). Participants will be led by the Sienna Ranch Animal Care Manager (ACM). This program is an opportunity for teens to further grow their equine knowledge, leadership skills,  and gain valuable job training as a part of a team.

Requirements for the Class: 

  • Must be able to attend all classes with a minimum of 2 weeks’ commitment onsite for summer camp (May 29-August 11, 2023). Note: that week assignments are based on availability, however we endeavor to give students their priority choice when possible.
  • Ages 13-16 (13 by April 15th, 2023)
  • Comfortable around farm animals, including horses, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and cats
  • Patience for animals and children
  • Ability to lift up to 30 pounds
  • An interest in learning new skills
  • Arrive on time and be prepared to fully participate in Camp
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Able to follow verbal directions (e.g., “Lead the horse around to the left”, “Please walk”) in an outdoor environment filled with distractions
  • Ability to be adaptable/flexible. 

Program Goals: 

  • After completion of this program, Apprentices will:
    • Know how to lead, groom, and tack/untack our horses; 
    • Understand animal behavior and handling; 
    • Learn about animal training;
    • Know how to clean the horse stalls; 
    • Learn how to safely and independently work around our animals; 
    • Generally understand livestock animal nutrition and care. 
  • The goal of this program is to train Apprentices for Summer Camp. During Summer Camp, Apprentices will prepare horses for riding—including grooming, leading, tacking, and untacking—water riding areas, and assist the riding instructor in the arena. When not working directly with the horses, apprentices will have the opportunity to interact with other ranch animals and assist the instructor in leading game activities with the the campers. 
Summer Camp Apprentice Application 2023

Summer Camp Apprentice Application 

Summer Camp Apprentice Program Description

APPLY NOW HERE- Applications Due March 17th

Apprentices in this program have fun while helping to mentor the next generation of Sienna Ranch students, and become an important part of the Sienna Ranch camp team. 

Requirements for the Class: 

  • Complete application process and respond to all communications from Sienna Ranch before due dates
  • Age 12 or older by March 17th
  • Must be able to attend the 2 hour training day during the week of May 23-26 after 3pm. Exact day TBD.
  • Comfortable interacting with our many Ranch animals
  • Familiarity with Sienna Ranch layout, including locations of restrooms, garden, buckeye tree, Green Yurt, Front Office, etc (Not required but preferred)
  • Excited about working with young students (PreK-KG and/or 1st-2nd grade)
  • Ability to explain and lead age-appropriate games 
  • Patience, kindness, and flexibility
  • Able to communicate clearly and confidently with Lead Instructors and other adults at Sienna Ranch
  • Ability to participate independently and in a team environment
  • Excited about spending time outside at the Ranch in all weather

Program Goals:

  • Valuable learning experience and mentorship with meaningful leadership opportunities
  • An opportunity for Nature Program Apprentices to share their nature experiences and enthusiasm with younger kids
  • An opportunity to learn by close-up observation of experienced instructors and their classes.

Apprentices are available for at least two weeks of Summer Camp. 

  • Summer Camp Dates
    • Week 1   5/29-6/2
    • Week 2   6/5-6/19
    • Week 3   6/12-6/16
    • Week 4   6/19-6/23
    • Week 5   6/26-6/30
    • Week 6   7/3-7/7
    • Week 7   7/10-7/14
    • Week 8   7/17-7/21
    • Week 9   7/24-7/28
    • Week 10 7/31-8/4
    • Week 11  8/7-8/11
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday 8:45am-3:00pm