Homeschool PreK-9th Grade

Sienna Ranch started out in 2008 as a place for homeschoolers with our popular Homeschool Explorers program. As we have grown and evolved over the years, we have maintained our dedication to providing a safe, supportive, educational, and inspirational environment for homeschool families to send their children. Our weekly schedule is specifically designed to cater to our homeschool families.

Please read the following information to find out how to register and use charter school funds, Session Dates, and what programs we offer for Homeschoolers! Interested in getting a group together to keep your social bubbles as small as possible? Check out our group reservation page!

2023-2024 Class Information

Sessions 1-4  Registration will open to the public Thursday May 18th at 11:30am

Before registering, please read and understand our refund and discount policies.

Questions about our Safety Policies?  Read our Rain or Shine suggestions.

2023-24 School Year Dates

2023-2024 School Year Dates

Registration Tips and How to Use Charter Funds

Registration Tips and Tricks

Registration Tips and Trick

  • Have more questions about what our programs look like? Check out our FAQ page for more answers.
  • Make sure to sign up for classes on our website before submitting your voucher to make sure you have a space in the class. 
  • Want to register for a future session but not ready to pay the full price of the class or program?   Planning to use charter school funds for your program tuition?  When checking out, please choose the “payment plan” option.  You will be prompted to pay a 15% deposit of your total tuition amount.  Balance will be charged on the Monday of the second week of the session.  If using charter school funds, please turn in vouchers to our office the Friday before the Session starts at the latest in order to avoid additional charges to your card.  We cannot take responsibility for charter schools not getting vouchers into our office. Please give the charter schools at least a week to process the vouchers and send them to us. Please note- ALL credit card refunds will be subject to a processing fee of 5% which the card and the registration company charge us. All cancellation and refund polices apply. 
Using Charter School Funds


We maintain vendor status with Compass Charter School, Connecting Waters, Heartwood Charter School, Heritage Peak,  Hickman, Peak Prep Academy, Rio Valley, Sequoia Grove Charter Alliance, Sutter Peak, Valiant Prep, Valley View,  Visions in Education and Vista Oaks Charter Schools.  Please email us if you have another school you would like us to work with!

To pay your Sienna Ranch Tuition with Charter School Funds:

1. Use the Payment Plan feature at checkout to reserve your spot in class with a 15% deposit.

2. Have your charter school generate & send us a PO/voucher.  Make sure to request the exact amount of your program, and remind your charter school representative that funds must be received by Sienna Ranch no later than the Friday before the Session starts in order to keep the balance from being charged to the credit card on file. After funds are received we will refund back your deposit. 

Charter School Fund Agreements:

  • Parent/guardians (including Vista Oaks families) initiate PO/voucher creation.  Please remember to factor in early registration discounts when applicable!
  • Sienna Ranch must receive your funds no later than the Friday before the session starts, otherwise we will charge the card on file for the balance in full (per the payment plan).  We are happy to refund your card if charter school funds come our way later, but not all schools will cover programming unless you request funds prior to the class starting.  Refunds will be subject to a 5% processing fee. Opting to keep your deposit on file as Sienna Ranch credit has no processing fee. We cannot take responsibility for charter schools not getting vouchers into our office. Please give the charter schools at least a week to process the vouchers and send them to us.
  • Families are responsible for understanding which classes are eligible for charter school fund tuition reimbursement.  Contact your school prior to registration if you have questions about what your school will cover. Charter schools have been changing how much they will cover each semester so be sure to check before purchasing. 
  • Parent/guardians are financially responsible for any tuition remaining after charter school funds are processed.
  • Charter School Funds are only valid for the exact class/session indicated on the voucher/PO.
  • Charter school monies may be canceled but cannot be refunded as cash or credited toward future programming.
  • Families are responsible for checking their statement and registration history and contacting Sienna Ranch if discrepancies exist.
  • Some charter schools will only cover class if you initiate charter school fund requests before class starts.  If you miss your charter school deadline for requesting funds, you are still responsible for the full tuition and may have to pay the difference out of pocket.

Note: all registration is first-come, first-served, so we cannot guarantee that space will remain if you choose to bring your charter school funds to register in person.

What Amount do I request from my Charter?

Question: How much should I order from my charter school for each class?

Answer: Please order the ‘Tuition’ price as it is listed on your Order History/Receipt.  This number factors in the sibling discounts if you received it.

Weekly Schedule

 (PreK students must be at least 4 by August 28th, 2023 and independent using the restroom to enroll.) 


For Mobile Devices Click Here for Sessions 1-4 Weekly Schedule

Nature Classes

Enrichment Classes