Ranch Store

Sienna Ranch is a for profit family owned business. We have merchandise including shirts, stickers, pencils, and hats for sale. You can purchase items during the session, for a camp, or just to wear around your house! All our shirts have different Sienna Ranch animals on them.

NEW Sienna Ranch Nature Patches!

Sienna Ranch Patches are skills learned in camps and classes year around. Through the different sessions and camps your student is doing projects, playing games, and learning the skills associated with this Sienna Ranch Certification. Apply the patch to your backpack, Sienna Ranch hat, or other items. Patch Certifications include: Naturalist, Animal, Survival, Gardening, Orienteering, Knots & Rope, Tracking, Fire Safety, Shelter Building, Campfire Cooking, First Aid, Wild Crafting, Oak Tree Care, and Knife Certification.

Sponsor an Animal

Another way you can support our business is by Sponsoring an Animal!

When you sponsor a Sienna Ranch animal you help us pay for food, pen upgrades, and specialized medical care. Your support goes directly to the animal care fund so that we can continue to enrich the lives of our animals and our students. 

As a sponsor you will receive the following:

  • A digital thank you card and photo of your sponsored animal. 
  • Your Family name posted on our Seasonal Sponsorship Wall at the Family Waiting Area.   
  • A Sienna Ranch sticker and pencil for each student (up to 4).

If you are interested in sponsoring an animal for a full calendar year, please select year FULL YEAR SPONSORSHIP from the Season drop down. Full Year Sponsorships will receive the following in addition to the items above:

  • A Sienna Ranch T-Shirt (selections limited to availability)
  • A 60 minute private animal tour with your family pod (limit 5 guests, to be scheduled with the front office within 3 months of ordering)