Summer Camp Family

There is no other camp or class that my girls come home from more happy, more centered, and more themselves.  That is why Sienna Ranch is the cornerstone activity for my girls, and we build their schedules around it!  Their time at Sienna Ranch is so special and so different than their time anywhere else.  They are kept busy and active, but in a low-key way.  The amazing counselors can be flexible and take the conversation or the day’s activities where the kids’ curiosity leads them.  The kids are allowed to fully immerse in what they’re doing without being rushed off to the next directed activity.  They are allowed to explore, open their imaginations and develop a relationship with the natural world.  Their time at Sienna Ranch is low-key but highly active.  Kids spend a lot of time sitting still these days, but can get all their wiggles out and develop improved coordination and confidence through the activities at Sienna Ranch.  Our kids’ days are highly structured; Sienna Ranch offers a special haven from the rush and high expectations, a place where they can settle in and watch a ladybug, smell the dirt, and chew on a fava bean leaf in a safe and loving environment.

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