Sienna Ranch Campouts

Camp-Outs at Sienna Ranch

Enjoy an overnight campout experience at Sienna Ranch. We will provide the easy, convenient location, activities (choose 2 activities), supervision for 8 hours (including mealtime staff presence), and farm fresh eggs for breakfast! Group is responsible for bringing all camping equipment and additional food.

“Our girls have stories and memories to last a lifetime. The girls grew closer and learned so much about the farm & themselves. Thank you for opening the farm and giving our girls these opportunities to learn and explore.” Carrie Higby, Troop 30838.

Camp Out Cost: $95/child

  • Small Camp Out (6-10 attendees & 2 FREE chaperones)
  • Large Camp Out (11-20 attendees & 4 FREE chaperones)

Chaperones/Adults: Group must send at least one adult chaperone per 8 children. Chaperones must be at least 18 years of age.  Curious to know what your responsibilities look like as a chaperone?  Check out our online Chaperone Orientation guide.

Scout Campout Activity Descriptions

Farm Animal Interaction (ages 4-12)

(this is considered a basic activity)

All ages enjoy hands-on interactions with our animal friends, whilst being encouraged to ask questions such as why domesticated animals are useful to us, and what special adaptations our animals have. Participants will brush goats, feed the ducks, groom a pony, hold chickens and help with collecting the eggs sold by the ranch.


Nature Games (ages 6-12)

(this is considered a basic activity)

Scouts and guides ages six and older will love visiting some of Sienna Ranch’s most beloved spots like the swamp and Buckeye Tree en route to playing the most favored games of school year and summer camp.  Along the way, discover the skulls, pelts and tracks of the ranch’s nature museum.  Games are collaborative and encourage participants to have fun working working as a team.


Campfire Fun (ages 6-12)

(this is considered a basic activity)

Scouts and guides ages six and older help gather firewood and learn to build and tend a fire in our covered Campfire Shelter. We’ll pop popcorn over the flames, and you can bring marshmallows or s’mores supplies for an extra special treat!  We’ll also focus on the Leave No Trace ethics of safely extinguishing your fire at the end of the hour.


Shelter Building (ages 6-12)

(this is considered a basic activity)

This activity gives scouts the opportunity to work together and discuss one aspect critical to survival– protection from the elements. Groups use critical thinking to learn what aspects impact each step of the shelter building process from choosing a location, deciding which materials to harvest, technique, the importance of energy conservation in a survival scenario as well as the Leave No Trace ethics of deconstructing structures when leaving an area. This activity will focus on creating a practical debris shelter.


Interactive Garden Experience (ages 6-12)

(this is considered a basic activity)

Scouts and guides ages six and older help with the seasonal upkeep of our educational garden.  Learn the layers that make up our compost lasagna, seed, transplant and weed our organically-tended garden beds, take part in sheet mulching, water with rain barrel and gray water systems, explore vermicomposting and maybe even help with harvesting our Farm Stand goodies.  We’ll strive to harvest a seasonal treat too when possible!


Archery (ages 8-12)

(this is a premium activity)

Our experienced archery instructors introduce the basics of archery safety, shooting form and technique to scouts and guides ages eight and older.  Participants hone their aim with target practice on our picturesque archery range. Note: Sienna Ranch is an approved archery vendor for the Scouts.


Made-to-Order Programming (all ages)

(this is a premium option)

Tell us your program needs, and let us create a 60-minute experience to align with your badge/patch requirements.  We’ve done orienteering, knife skills, soap and salve making, wild edible foraging, knot tying, fire safety, shelter building and so much more with scouts here in the past.  Please allow 2 weeks time for us to create your customized program.

Camp Out Schedule

Afternoon/Evening Schedule (customizable upon request):

4:00 Arrive- set up camp
5:00 Sienna Ranch staff leads activity of your choice
6:00 Cook Dinner and Eat
7:00 Clean up
7:30 Good night hike
8:30 Stories around the campfire
9:30 Bed time (Sienna Ranch staff puts out fire and leaves for the evening)

Morning Schedule:

6:30 Rise, get dressed, clean up camp
7:30 Sienna Ranch staff leads campers in egg collecting
8:00 Sienna Ranch staff leads breakfast making
8:30 Clean up from breakfast
9:00 Sienna Ranch staff leads activity of your choice
10:00 Departure

Sleeping accommodations:

  • outdoors
  • Campfire Shelter (can fit approximately 10 people and their sleeping bags)
  • tents

Booking a Scout Event:

FIRST Decide which scout activities you wish to reserve.
NEXT Submit an Event Request Here
THEN  Wait for an email from a Sienna Ranch event scheduler. We will be in touch within a week of submitting your event request form.
LAST  Make a $100 deposit to confirm your Field Trip or a $500 deposit to reserve your Camp Out on our calendar.  This deposit goes toward the balance of your event.

On the day:

1. All attendees must have a Sienna Ranch waiver in hand.  We recommend bringing all completed waivers with you the day of the field trip, although we will have blank copies printed if any parent/guardians need to fill one out the day of the event.  Note: it is the event organizer’s responsibility to ensure that everyone in your group has signed a waiver before the beginning of the scout program.

2. Initial the final head count gathered by Sienna Ranch.  Your group will be charged for the actual number of participants on the day, as determined by your Sienna Ranch staff member, and initialed by you. The final balance will be charged to the card on file within 2 business days of the event.  If you wish to pay by check you may request an estimated invoice prior to the day of your event.


  • Check out our Refund and Cancellation Policy before booking.
  • Your $100 deposit due upon booking is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  We run program rain or shine.
  • Event balance charged to the card on record based on head count day of your event, unless you call ahead to make payment in another way.
  • Emergency cancellation (anytime week before field trip and UP until noon of Friday prior) submit email requesting cancellation and forfeit 50% the cost of your event (based on minimum 6 attendees for small event, 11 attendees for large event, 21 attendees for x-large event).
  • No shows or cancellations after noon on Friday- NO REFUND available, 100% cost of your event charged (based on minimum 6 attendees for small event, 11 attendees for large event, 21 attendees for x-large event).
  • Sienna Ranch reserves the right to modify activities based on weather or safety.  If a substitution means that a ‘premium’ activity cannot be delivered, the premium fee will be refunded.
  • Sienna Ranch is a drug and alcohol-free campus.
  • Sienna Ranch requires chaperones to supervise all participants while playing on play structures.
  • Sienna Ranch honors scheduling and pricing quoted in Event Agreement.
  • Sienna Ranch is a balloon-free and decoration-lite campus (to keep our animals healthy).
  • Sienna Ranch requires at least 21 days notice by email to change the size of your event (space-dependent, not guaranteed).
  • Sienna Ranch does not allow non-ranch animals on property (with the exception of pre-arranged service animals).

We strongly prefer you contact us with questions during business hours since your contract and our calendar are readily available during those times.  Emergency contact information available on ranch voicemail (925) 283-6311 if you have concerns outside business hours.  Contacting emergency numbers may require you to leave a voicemail/receive callback.

Email any contract revision/cancellation requests to  If you receive an out-of-message reply, please forward request to