Adult Programming

We are excited to offer a NEW adult class series. Registration will be live soon, stay tuned.

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Adult Program Classes- Homesteading Series

February/March Session
CLASS TUITION: $$365 per person for the 3 weeks 
CLASS TIME: 10am-1pm
CLASS DATES: February 27th, March 6th, March 13th
CLASS SIZE: max 8 

This introduction to homestead/suburban scale food production will teach you how to grow a high diversity of food plants at home, and potentially transition your entire landscape into food production. Topics include fruit trees, nut trees, staple crops, annual vegetables, perennial vegetables, and wild edibles. This course will balance theoretical fundamentals with hands-on practical experience for first time food growers. Taught over the course of three seasons (Winter, Spring, Fall) this series will address the variety of ways to grow food crops at home.

Winter Course  (February/March): Tree Crops: Fruit Trees, Nuts, and Backyard Orchards Learn about microclimates and strategies for planning your home orchard. Over the course of three Saturdays, participants will learn about the fundamentals of grafting and pruning, planting and propagation techniques, fruit and nut tree identification, preparing rootstock, nut and fruit processing, and lessons learned from the diverse plantings in Sienna Ranch's orchard and food forests. 

  • February 27th- Fruit Trees
  • March 6th- Nut Trees
  • March 13th- Grafting

*Note: due to COVID, classes will be functioning in an outdoor social distancing format. For more details about Sienna Ranch COVID operating procedures and rules for participants see our COVID Policies.