2023-2024 Schedule, Calendar, and Registration

2023-2024 Class Information

Sessions 1-4  Registration will open to the public Thursday May 18th at 11:30am

Before registering, please read and understand our refund and discount policies.

Questions about our Safety Policies?  Read our Rain or Shine suggestions.

2023-24 Weekly Schedule:

For Mobile Devices Click Here for Sessions 1-4 Weekly Schedule


(classes subject to cancellation or grade changes if under-enrolled, minimum 6 students per group class)

Registration Tips and Tricks

  • How the Waitlist works: If a Sienna Ranch class is full you can get on our waitlist. You will follow the same steps to add to the waitlist as you would for a open class. If a spot were to open up the active system sends out individual emails to each family with 2 choices; accept the spot and pay immediately, or reject the spot. If you Accept, the tool stops if that fills the session. If you reject, it will move on to the next family. If the time window of 48 hours expires, then it moves to the next family. Once we are 2 weeks away from the Session starting the waitlist policy will switch to send the email to everyone left on the waitlist and the first person to respond via email will get the spot. It will be a pool rather than a ranking list since it is close to the start of the session or camp.
    • What if I want to use the payment plan? You will get the option to pay a deposit and will be setup on the payment plan just like you would if you were signing up normally.
    • What happens if a family misses their time window but still want the spot?  If a family misses their time window, they are automatically removed from the waitlist. If they want to be put back on the waitlist, they will need to sign up for the waitlist again. 
    • What happens if the feature goes through the entire waitlist and there is still a spot open?  The spot will automatically be opened up online (if registration is still open) for anyone to sign up!
  • Using Charter School Vouchers? Please see our Homeschool Page for more information on how to purchase our programs and use your vouchers.
  • New Family wanting to register but you already have an Active Account that is saying you are not linked to Sienna Ranch? In order to register your active account with Sienna Ranch you will need to register for a class or camp. You can create your account or sign in with your existing account once you go to the Sienna Ranch registration link for the specific session you are registering and add classes or camps to your cart.
  • Have more questions about what our programs look like? Check out our FAQ page for more answers.